• Παραλία Θεσσαλονίκης - Λευκός Πύργος
  • Ξενοδοχείο 3* Αύγουστος στο κέντρο της Θεσσαλονίκης!

  • Άνετα μεγάλα δωμάτια με κλασικού τύπου διάκοσμο!
  • Κλασσικές τοιχογραφίες - οροφογραφίες σε όλους τους χώρους!

  • Έμφαση στη λεπτομέρεια! Πινελιές που συνδυάζουν το κλασσικό με το μοντέρνο!
  • Έμφαση στη λεπτομέρεια! Πινελιές που συνδυάζουν το κλασσικό με το μοντέρνο!


  Explore  Thessaloniki

Take a stroll in peace , this is Thessaloniki.


Don't rush.Walk.Thessaloniki's chilled-out attitude is your passport to the true relaxation: admire the magnificence of the sea while drinking a coffee at one of the local cafes; catch impro jazz sounds or alternative beats at the hip downtown bars ; sample delicious Mediterranean dishes at one of the many picturesque tavernas... Just take your time and enjoy !


                                City-break lovers will be amazed by the great choice of nightlife on offer , mixing traditions , cultures , the past and the present. Traditional Greek music halls,live music bars, buzzing new venues showcasing the best live acts every night of the week, whatever you're after, you are sure to find it here. Have a late-night seafood feast at Perea and Aretsou by the seaside , indulge in an oriental sweet at Ano Poli (old citadel) or wander down to Valaoritou street-the city's latest hotspot-where you can hang out with people from all walks of life till the small hours.

sounds nice !

Thessaloniki shimmers with its own brand of easy-living spirit-all you need to do is let yourself go and have fun . An impressive mix of gastronomic cultures, a rich and varied nightlife, a great history to explore on every step of the way. Do not forget to try the wines !

All kinds of tunes
Cozy little coffee shops and bars in the city centre and the Ladadika port district welcome their guests with all kinds of tunes -from jazz to house , to pop and balkan ethnic- the beats just keep on coming.


                          Breath. This is the place up north for you to unwind. People's kindness-their eagerness to help you whenever you need it - will embrace you , making you feel at home , as though among loved ones.
                         The city itself puts you at ease , connecting you to all the places you want to explore via a modern airport , a central railway station , buses and taxis , taking you - within minutes - to the location of your choice : to the city centre for some shopping therapy or to one of the local malls offering a wealth of entertainment venues

Shop until you drop !.

Thessaloniki is a paradise on earth for external style lovers ! The city centre shops in Tsimiski street , Proxenou Koromila street , Mitropoleos street , Egnatia street as well as the two City Centre Shopping Malls, offer a great variety of clothing , shoes and accessories , the creations of international and local brands.
                A favourite destination among locals is also the Mediterranean Cosmos mall, in Pilea , which combines shopping with recreation in its restaurants , coffee-shops , cinema and bowling alleys. Do not forget to cross the street and explore the Magic Park theme park which boasts roller coasters , rides , a flight simulator , a bungee trampoline , a carousel and much , much more !

Transport Options

Everything is on your doorstep. You can explore the city from east to west in about 30 minutes. Thessaloniki has a convenient bus system , connecting all areas to the city centre , while plenty of taxis are available for those needing to get somewhere faster. The " Macedonia " airport is located on the east side of Thessaloniki , the railway station is close to the city centre , and the coach station is located to the west.



                                 The city is a treasure trove filled with an amazing variety of tastes. Enjoy the local delicacies , bougatsa , koulouri  and galaktoboureko , to get a delicious insight into the city spirit.

                                Eastern  and  western  cultures mix in traditional Greek dishes –for lunch or dinner – ideally enjoyed at a local tavern , while gourmet cuisine is also on offer in sumptuous city centre restaurants. No matter where you are in Thessaloniki and what time of the day it is , the choices are there for you to explore !

Taste  the  delicious  bougatsa

                              Bougarsa is a traditional pastry consisting of semolina custard , cheese , or minced meat filling between layers of filo pastry. Enjoy it for breakfast or as a snack at any time of day.

Experience the sweet  Galaktoboureko

                                  Galaktoboureko is a traditional Greek dessert of semolina-based custard in filo pastry. It is served coated with syrup. Find it in all the major patisseries of Thessaloniki.


                Start your day with a koulouru.Koulouri –Thessaloniki’s famous bread ring- is a popular treat, made with sesame , mostly enjoyed for breakfast. Find it in all the local bakeries in the city centre.